Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take Two: Amos 6, Proverbs 31

Amos 6 continues the picture of judgment of God that is coming against Israel. In chapter 5, the indictment came against the "cows of bashan." the wives who demanded fine things which were secured by exacting interest and excessive charges against the poor. In chapter 6, we observe the addressee to be those who are living the life of luxury and security without God (Amos 6:1).

The addressee is told to "live it up." By doing so, they do not negate the judgment that is coming (Amos 6:7).

The final section (Amos 6:8-14) pictures the certainty of the judgment. Some may have come to question whether God had changed. Perhaps, they thought, God was no longer offended at the arrogant and luxurious lifestyle and the means by which it was secured. The prophet's response is simply that God has sworn by Himself (Amos 6:8)...so God has not changed.

A curious phrase occurs in Amos 6:10. To mention the Name of the Lord...or as one commentator put it...to call on God for help...would not bring relief but destruction...since God was responsible for the calamity that was upon them anyway.

Proverbs 31:31 is the takeaway. In speaking of the "excellent wife" or as some call her, the "P31" woman, the proverb ends with give her the product of her hands and let her works praise her. She is not known for her philosophy or good intentions. She is known for how she lived. She gains credibility based on the fruits of her labor. There are many people who are quick to espouse good ideas and good intentions. The P31 woman...says look at the results. Let them, and them alone, be the standard for which my life is measured.

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amanda:) said...

Proverbs 31... I have so much to learn what a beautiful picture of what women should look like, our society pushes us from this picture. This is how we were designed by God to be. If all women would just attempt to be this woman...wow!! :)